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How much does it cost to produce a ton of glass

How much does it cost to produce a ton of glass

1. The production cost of glass consists of soda ash, coal and other expenses, accounting for about one-third of the production cost of the enterprise. In the composition of flat glass manufacturing costs, except fuel and soda ash, other materials account for a relatively small proportion and the price fluctuation is relatively low. Therefore, the fuel price and soda ash price are the main factors affecting the glass cost.

It is preliminarily estimated that each weight box of float plate glass consumes about 10-11 kg of heavy soda ash, which is equivalent to 0.2-0.22 tons of soda ash for one ton of glass; A 600-ton/day float glass production line needs 0.185 tons of heavy oil to produce one ton of glass. Heavy soda ash is generally produced from raw salt and limestone by chemical synthesis, and then by solid water method. In addition, heavy soda ash is also obtained by evaporation or carbonization using natural alkali as raw material. According to the production process of float glass, burning natural gas, normal production, 600 tons of furnace, according to the melting rate of 0.83, power consumption of 65 degrees, water consumption of 0.3 tons. If the raw materials are poor, the cost price will be lower.

2. Glass=25% soda+33% fuel+quartz+artificial.

Glass factories are located in places with more quartz, such as Shahe, so the cost is minimized.

Glass cost=2200/4+3000/3+200+200=1950

Plus industrial profit 300

1950+300=2250, that is to say, when soda ash is 2200 and crude oil is 80, glass needs to be sold at 2250 to make money

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